a picture of me, James C. Klagge

James C. Klagge

I'm a professor of philosophy, Wittgenstein aficionado, activist, and lover of books and music.

Recent Research

I am working on two book projects.  Tractatus in Context is a commentary and sourcebook of material that influenced Wittgenstein in writing the Tractatus, along with early reviews of the Tractatus and Wittgenstein’s retrospective comments.  Wittgenstein’s Artillery: Doing Philosophy as Poetry is about how Wittgenstein’s attitude to his audience evolved over time and how he became concerned with the ways his readers and students responded to his ideas.

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Recent Activities

I was part of a group of eight activists from Blacksburg that went to Charlottesville in August 2017 to counter-protest the alt-right rally held there. More recently I was part of the March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington DC in March 2018. I am an officer in the local NAACP, and a member of Asbury United Methodist Church in Christiansburg, VA.

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Recent Teaching

In 2017 I developed and then twice taught a course on Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles. I am now modifying it to Ethical Perspectives on Intelligent Infrastructure. It will become part of the Pathways minor in Intelligent Infrastructure and Human-Centered Communities. The course will broaden to include robotics, artificial intelligence, energy, and smart construction. In the more distant future I am thinking about a course on ethical issues raised by block-chain technology.

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